DesignMerge Helps MARQUIS to push the limits!

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Josh Leonard, VDP programmer at MARQUIS. needed a software solution that could keep up with their volume. MARQUIS produces tens of thousands of records per day with every page being unique. It is not unusual for them to process hundreds of thousands of records each week, including postcards, letters, self-mailers, and more. DesignMerge has really allowed them to push their limits.

To read the full case study on MARQUIS, please click this link:


“DesignMerge is so awesome!” – Beth Erlandson

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Beth Erlandson, owner/project manager at Silverline Digital in Madison, WI went to the PRINT show in Chicago with the sole purpose of finding a VDP (Variable Data Print) software solution for her company. While other programs that she looked at could accomplish some of the things that she required, when she came upon DesignMerge she knew immediately that it checked all of the boxes and was the solution she had been seeking.

To read the full press release on how DesignMerge and Silverline Digital make a winning combination, please click this link:


You Don’t Have to Be Big to Have Big Needs!

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Woodland Associates is a small graphic arts company offering simple solutions to their printing customers. But sometimes simple solutions require pretty sophisticated software to get the job done. That’s where DesignMerge comes in.

To read a short interview with Jay Beber, owner of Woodland Associates, discussing how the DesignMerge software has helped him increase productivity and improve his bottom line, please click the following link:


DesignMerge Changes the Way that Woodland Associates Does Business

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Application: Variable Data ID Cards

Buying software is just one of the costs of doing business. But, when you buy software and it ends up making you money – seriously, what could be better? DesignMerge truly changed the way we do business. We can promise jobs faster, because we know we can turn them around faster. We’ve pretty much eliminated internal errors, because if the first few look good and the database is accurate – they all look good. And, if there is a problem with the data – DesignMerge tells you where.

I’ve had a few questions along the way, but if I thought the software worked well, I was blown away by the customer service. You are always afraid that new solutions will be too complicated, but the DesignMerge team made it seem effortless.

Jay Beber
Woodland Associates, Inc.


DesignMerge Helps Plasti-Fab Improve Their Bottom Line

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Since 1957 Plasti-Fab, Inc. has been manufacturing visual identification products for industrial, material handling, corporate, and retail industries. They use DesignMerge to produce a variety of products including signage, labels, id tags, and more.

Following is a short interview with Steve Orlando, graphic artist at Plasti-Fab, Inc., discussing how the DesignMerge software has helped them to increase productivity and improve their bottom line.

arrowbulletWhat type of work do you do with DesignMerge?

We produce a variety of signage tags and labels primarily for the automotive industry. However we have also printed scannable identification badges and other products as requested by our clients.

arrowbulletWhat kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Our VDP needs are fairly basic. Most of the labels and tags that we produce contain bar codes and/or sequential numbers, and therefore we require a software solution that will address these processes.

arrowbulletWhy did you choose DesignMerge?

DesignMerge allows us to print tags and badges with the bar codes and sequential numbers included as part of the output. We need a robust bar code utility which DesignMerge provides. And the “sequential numbering” feature of DesignMerge makes it incredibly easy to produce the numbered output that our clients require.

arrowbulletWhat have been the results of implementing DesignMerge in your workflow?

Prior to implementing DesignMerge, we generated bar codes and sequential numbers separately from the label and then manually adhered them. With DesignMerge we are able to output the label with bar code and/or sequential number in one pass. Eliminating an entire step, particulary one that was extremely labor-intensive, has allowed us to reduce labor costs and increase turn-around time on jobs. Furthermore, where previously we may have turned away work with tight deadlines, we can now confidently keep it in-house knowing that we will meet our clients’ timelines with an accurate and professional product.

arrowbulletIs there a particular feature of DesignMerge that you like?

It’s easy to use! And Meadows has great technical support. The online knowledgebase is very useful, and I have always received fast turn-around on any support tickets. I am not an expert on bar codes, and it has been very helpful to be able to contact Meadows with questions, and to bounce ideas and questions off of them.

To read the case study on our website and see samples of a few of the variable data jobs that are produced by Plasti-fab, please click here.

WAM Print|Mail|Fulfillment Uses DesignMerge Software to Build on Their Reputation For the Finest in Print and Mail Services

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For more than 50 years, the professionals at WAM Print|Mail|Fulfillment have provided their customers with design, printing and mailing services with a focus on superior service and quality. Their goal is to combine current technology, talented employees and team effort to provide efficient, on-target mailing, printing and data services. WAM offers a wide array of services, including everything from mail piece design and digital printing, all the way to pickup and delivery to the post office. A large part of their business also includes variable data printing services with output on a variety of digital color presses, including the Konica Minolta C8000. WAM’s commitment to customer service and quality ensures that they will continue to be a leader in the industry for many years to come.

Following is a brief interview with Graphic Designer and IT Specialist, Janessa Stam, of WAM. Janessa shares a few details about WAM’s implementation of DesignMerge software in conjunction with the Konica Minolta C8000 and other digital color presses.

arrowbulletWhat type of work do you do with DesignMerge?

We do quite a bit of Variable Data Print, primarily for producing direct mail pieces, personalized postcards, and the like. Many of our designs require real-time data and layout processing features, which allow us to craft our direct mail pieces for a particular client or audience. The Rules engine that DesignMerge offers has been instrumental in the success of our targeted mailings.

arrowbulletWhat kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Our primary challenge was to find a software program that was both well supported, and also able to handle highly variable pieces. In addition to variable text and images, we wanted to be able to vary document layouts and other styling features to potentially achieve a different look and feel for each piece. We also have a number of specialty data situations such as complicated Title Case and data manipulation requirements that we needed to address.

arrowbulletWhy did you choose DesignMerge?

DesignMerge offered the capabilities we required to meet our customers needs at an affordable price while giving us options to expand our variable data capabilities. Additionally, DesignMerge offered quick and thorough responses to our questions, and assistance with any problems we had. Beyond that we have been able to use the DesignMerge scripting capability to address a number of sophisticated data processing challenges.

arrowbulletWhat have been the results of implementing DesignMerge in your workflow?

We love the ability to merge to a variety of output types, and our customers have been very happy with the new capabilities that DesignMerge offers. Because DesignMerge is based on Adobe InDesign, we have complete freedom over our designs, and this has really helped us to think outside the box when it comes to VDP applications. We have used DesignMerge software on jobs as large as 800,000+ records, and the “job chunking” feature of DesignMerge means that we can just set it up and let it run with no need for any manual intervention.

arrowbulletYou mentioned using the DesignMerge Scripting features for a couple of projects. How did that work out?

For one mailer, we were in need of a solution to handle title case switching of first and last names. The data provided by the client contained all caps, and we needed to convert those into proper case without having to edit the database information. In addition, we needed a solution to handle more complicated title case conversions, for names like MACDONALD or ONEILL, where there is more to it than just capitalizing the first letter. The DesignMerge team provided us with their MPS Title Case script that handled all of our requirements, and it was incredibly easy to implement. Here are a few examples of the title case conversions the script can handle:


On another job, we needed to be able to strip out partial pricing information from full price values that were being imported from the database. For example, we needed to import only the dollar portion of a price, so if the data contained “10.00”, we only wanted to merge the “10” portion of the price. Meadows provided us with another script called the MPS Price Parser which easily handled this condition. The script also provided other features for stripping cents and percentage values from pricing data, which we may use on future projects. Implementation of the script for this project was fast and very easy to do.


DesignMerge Helps Yorke Increase Productivity and Grow Their Business

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Yorke is right-sized by design – small enough to give each job close attention, big enough to respond quickly and effectively. Offset printing is where they earned their reputation. On the digital side, they can handle anything you can throw at them – black& white, color, variable data, digital storefront development, you name it! Their pricing is competitive and their streamlined digital work-flow means turn-around times are insanely fast. The real advantage to using Yorke for digital printing jobs is that they apply the same quality control and attention to detail that they would on an offset job.

Following is a short interview with Yorke discussing how the DesignMerge software has helped them to increase productivity while offering new services to their clients. The result has been a steady growth in business that they see continuing into the future.


arrowbulletWhat type of work do you do with DesignMerge?

We use DesignMerge for both offset and digital printing. We apply DesignMerge variable data techniques for business cards, name tags, labels, mass appeal letters, reply cards and postcards, as well as self promotion mailings for our business. We also reprogram client data to match preprinted materials.

arrowbulletWhat kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Previously when we received an Excel file with data, we would copy the information from the Excel file and paste the information directly into the application file. Now, we make an InDesign file of the base art and a layer with the variable information and DesignMerge does the rest, merging the files together. We can choose to create a variety of file types for the end result, including an InDesign file. Recently we have been reprogramming the data files from clients to match or change character size and/or style in order to maintain their corporate graphic standards.

The Meadows support team has been very responsive to our needs; helping us along the way to fulfill each client request and working with our prepress department until all issues are resolved. The support team often gives us step-by-step instructions which is extremely useful. The Meadows website contains an extensive Knowledge Base along with training videos and webinars that we can access anytime they are needed, giving us multiple ways to find the answers we need to service our clients.

arrowbulletWhy did you choose DesignMerge?

We chose DesignMerge because we felt the price was right, the interface was user friendly, the capabilities were wide ranging, and the level of technical support provided was expansive. After reading other testimonials, we felt Meadows was a company that mirrored our own philosophy on customer service.

arrowbulletWhat have been the results of implementing DesignMerge in your workflow

Using DesignMerge has increased our productivity and allowed us to offer new services to our clients, which positively impacts our customer relationships and revenue.

arrowbulletDo you see this aspect of your business growing?

We have seen steady growth in the use of VDP and expect that trend to continue. We are excited to offer this service to our customers and feel we will be very successful in doing so. Our responsiveness to client needs is a key differentiator for Yorke, and the addition of DesignMerge to our toolbox has definitely improved our capability in that area.

To see samples of a few of the variable data jobs that are produced by Yorke, please click here.


DesignMerge is the Ideal Tool for Gifts For You Now Personalized Product Line

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Gifts For You Now is a provider of personalized gifts for all occasions, with a mission to provide personalized gift solutions for everyone and every occasion. With a primary focus on creating highly personalized gifts, they offer many design options for creating truly unique products. DesignMerge is the perfect tool for helping them achieve that goal.

Following is a short interview with Jim Tuchler Owner and President of Gifts For You Now, discussing how the DesignMerge software has helped them to increase productivity and improve their bottom line.

arrowbulletWhat type of work do you do with DesignMerge?
We are a personalized gift company. Many of our products are sold with beautiful designs that can be personalized by adding names and/or photos to them. We use DesignMerge to facilitate the merging of customer expression data with the variable data fields in our InDesign layouts.

arrowbulletWhat kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?
Initially we were using QuarkXpress, and as legacy software, it had outlived its usefulness. Using the cominbation of Adobe InDesign and DesignMerge, we have the speed, product stability, and support that we were seeking in a new software solution.

arrowbulletWhy did you choose DesignMerge?
DesignMerge offered the best feature set for the price, and it met our specific needs with regards to merging both text and pictures. And it integrates well with InDesign, which is the primary layout tool that we use here at Gifts For You Now.

arrowbulletWhat have been the results of implementing DesignMerge in your workflow?
We have experienced faster merging of data, increased stability, and we have gained peace of mind knowing that we’re using contemporary, well-supported software that continues to evolve. All of this has helped us to improve our bottom line and subsequently grow our business.

arrowbulletYou use a combination of Pro and Starter. Can you elaborate on that a bit?
Absolutely. We use the DesignMerge Pro seats for our desktops that are dedicated to file merging, and we use the DesignMerge Starter seats in order to accommodate seasonal increases in orders. For example, to meet the demands of the holiday season, our staff will increase from about 35 employees to 100! The DesignMerge Pro and Starter packages is a good mix for our needs.

The following sample demonstrates a few of the personalized products that were created by Gifts For Your Now using the DesignMerge software:

DesignMerge Pro Software

Adventure Life Wins Big with Custom Travel Brochures Created Using DesignMerge!

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Adventure Life ( is an adventure travel company that provides custom and small group tours in Latin America and Africa, and small-ship cruises throughout the world. They offer over 100 different itineraries in South & Central America and Africa, as well as hundreds of small-ship cruises to less conventional destinations such as the Arctic, Antarctica and Alaska.

Custom catalogs are tailored to an individual’s interests. Data captured online is processed through the DesignMerge software using a system developed by Meadows Publishing Solutions. The end-result is a fully personalized travel guide and brochure complete with variable text, articles and graphics, all based on the visitor’s trip selections. Final PDF files are automatically produced and made available for electronic delivery, and are also printed digitally. The results of this software solution have been so successful that Adventure Life was recently named a gold winner for their customized trip catalogs by Travel Weekly’s 2013 Magellan Awards!

Following is a short interview with Aaron Conway, Chief Technology Officer at Adventure Life, discussing how the DesignMerge software has allowed them to create a custom solution for their unique marketing requirements.

arrowbulletWhat business challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Our initial challenge was finding a solution that could not only handle variable data in a document, but would also allow a variable number of pages and variable page order. We were not able to find a prepackaged solution, but Meadows was able to work with our requirements and modify DesignMerge to fit our needs.

arrowbulletWhy did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

We chose DesignMerge because of the confidence that the Meadows staff gave us. They assured us that what we were trying to accomplish with our project was attainable and could be customized within a reasonable time frame.

arrowbulletWhat were the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

We have had a very positive response to the custom catalogs. Each traveler’s needs are unique for every trip they go on and since information is constantly changing, and we are always adding and updating trips, providing custom catalogs gets the latest and most relevant information out to our customers. They see that we are able to meet their individual needs at a very customized level. The tailor-made catalog is the first step in ensuring that we offer experiences that are inspiring, authentic and unique.

arrowbulletDo you see this aspect of your business growing in the future?

We are constantly adding to our catalog, so our presentation materials will continue to expand. We have been very pleased with the results of our custom catalogs and plan to continue to use DesignMerge to produce each one individually. It seems like DesignMerge is a very flexible tool and there is great potential to use it in other aspects of variable data printing.

arrowbulletCan you provide any examples of your work?

Sure! To see an example of some of the variable pages in an Adventure Life brochure, please click here.


AutoPrice Speeds Catalog Production

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After years of manually updating our main 900-page catalog, along with numerous smaller ones we produce, we came across AutoPrice, and what a time saver it has been! We can now in a matter of minutes re-price, verify our data, and create our indexes, a job that in the past took weeks of tedious keying, and spot-check proofing. Being a very user-friendly, easy-to-learn add-on, we are looking ahead to other ways we can incorporate its functionality in our chart-heavy applications. I highly recommend Meadows Publishing Solutions; working with them has been nothing short of a positive experience.

Jodi Eyles
Catalog Manager
Nivel Parts & Manufacturing


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