Blah, Blah, Blah… or should I say “Blog, Blog, Blog”?

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Okay, so I was asked to provide an entry for this blog. I am over 40…. okay, I’m even over 50. I have three grown children. Why do I need to blog?  Social technology has not been a friend to this 50-something mom. When my oldest son left for college, and my younger son left for the Marine Corps., I became an AOL instant messenger mom. I would sign on early in the morning, keeping one ear cocked for that “buddy chime” indicating that one of my precious offspring had just signed on. It didn’t take long before I figured out that it wasn’t coincidental that as soon as I sent them a hearty “Hello” they were suddenly “away” and always with some mom-directed message, like “off to the library to STUDY” or “busy cleaning my room and doing laundry” By the time my daughter left for college, everyone had migrated to Facebook, leaving me abandoned in the AOL IM dust. Okay, I thought, I’ll just set up a Facebook account. After sending several “Friend Requests” to my daughter, she reluctantly agreed to “be my friend” but not without restrictions. And so once again, I came to the realization that social technology was not really intended for this “fabulous and fifty” mom. My thumbs weren’t coordinated enough to text and tweet; and I couldn’t understand why anyone would be “a-twitter” to hear what I had to say. Blogging sounded like just another attempt to force me into embracing the new social realms of the 21st century. But, I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, and so even though my children might consider my “blogging” as “blah-ing” I will strive to prove them wrong, and  provide future entries that are interesting, or at least meaningful to the digital printing audience. But should my success with blogging follow a similar path to my success with previous social media, I know that I can depend upon my colleagues to pick up the slack. After all, most of them are a bit younger than me!

Long live variable data printing software for QuarkXPress!
Long live variable data printing software for InDesign!

DesignMerge Video – Product Overview

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Here is a very brief overview of DesignMerge Pro. Enjoy!

Two Good Reasons to Visit us at Print World 2010

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1. To see the best solution on the market for doing variable data publishingDesignMerge Pro!

2. We’ll have candy!!

What Are You Doing to Stay Viable in the VDP Market?

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Most people want to procrastinate a little. But are you a commercial printer still sniffin’ around the VDP edges, or are you ready to dive in?

With price being a major factor in winning printing contracts, doesn’t it make sense to expand your offerings and go after more profitable opportunities? With DesignMerge variable data software you can keep your customers happy and prevent them from checking out the competition!

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