See DesignMerge at OnDemand 2011

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Meadows Publishing will be demonstrating the very latest version of DesignMerge in booth 2937 at the On Demand Expo, March 22-24 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.  The demonstration will include a preview of the new DesignMerge Image module, which is an integration feature that allows DesignMerge to work seemlessly with a number of Variable Image packages.  Please stop by for a personalized demonstration.

DesignMerge PPML Output, Looking For A Preview Tool?

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For those searching for a PPML production preflight or preview tool, you may wish to consider PODi’s CheckPPML software.

CheckPPML converts PPML output to a PDF file that contains the same output pages as those that would be produced by a PPML certified printing device. This allows you to preview and validate PPML output before printing.

CheckPPML is an excellent choice to preview DesignMerge PPML output since both CheckPPML and DesignMerge variable data printing software support the GA (Graphic Arts) subset of PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language), an XML-based industry standard printer language for variable data printing, defined by PODi.

CheckPPML can be installed on a Macintosh as well as on a Windows system, and is available in two versions, a free standard version and a professional version.

– CheckPPML (standard) is free but limited to 100 pages.
– CheckPPML Pro is not free but runs faster and does not have a page number limit.

If you are interested in learning more about CheckPPML, here is a link to the CheckPPML page on the PODi web site where you will find additional details and links to download/purchase this PODi software.–ppml.php

DesignMerge Supports Multi-up Layouts

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This video demonstrates the DesignMerge Multi-up Layouts support feature.

DesignMerge Copyfit Module

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This video demonstrates the DesignMerge Copyfit module.

Why Is An AutoPrice Link Displaying “No Match!” After Being Updated? Part 3

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A “No Match!” condition means the AutoPrice Link (placeholder) has been assigned to a Search Key that does not exist in the database file.  To resolve this, try the following suggestion, Part 3.

Part 3:  If the previous two procedures cannot determine why the placeholder encountered a “No Match” condition … You may email Meadows Publishing Solutions Support a copy of the document that has a “No Match!” placeholder and a copy of the database file (you do not need to send us the document’s fonts or graphic files).  However, if you are using AutoPrice for QuarkXPress, also export your DDF Set to send to us (to do this, open the “Database Definitions” window and click the “Export DDF Set” button).

To send us this information, create a new folder where you can place a copy of the document file, database file, and if you are using QuarkXPress, the Exported DDF Set.  Compress (zip or stuff) the folder, and then email the resulting archive to Meadows Support (  Also, please include the following information in your email message:

– The version of AutoPrice software that you are using

– The version of the desktop layout application where you are using AutoPrice

– The version of the operating system where you are using AutoPrice

– A description of the problem you encountered, including the steps you took immediately before the problem as well as any steps you took to resolve the problem.

DesignMerge Barcoding Feature

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This video demonstrates the DesignMerge barcoding feature.

Does Your Printer Support DesignMerge Output Formats?

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Are you wondering if your printing device supports one of the DesignMerge VDP (Variable Data Printing) output formats?

Meadows Publishing Solutions has posted “Golden Masters” of the various DesignMerge VDP formats that you may download to test on your printing devices to help you determine which DesignMerge VDP output formats your digital printers can process successfully.

Here is a link to the DesignMerge Golden Master VDP samples:

To use any of the Golden Mater VDP samples, simply download the associated file by clicking on the provided link. Then, send the downloaded file to your digital printer for processing/printing and compare the results to the PDF Preview of the job (which is also available on the DesignMerge Golden Masters page on the Meadows web site). If they compare, then your system most likely supports that VDP output format.

These samples will additionally assist you in determining which options to select on the DesignMerge Print Driver dialog windows. You can also find details regarding the DesignMerge Print Drivers, and the various options that are available for each one, in their manuals which are available in the DesignMerge product folder which the DesignMerge installer places in your Applications or Program Files folder.

DesignMerge – Intelligent Mail USPS Bar Coding

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This video demonstrates the Intelligent Mail USPS feature with DesignMerge.