DesignMerge Supports All Design Features of InDesign and QuarkXPress!

October 26, 2010 by
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If you’re already using InDesign or QuarkXPress, then you will absolutely love DesignMerge! Here’s a summary of the advantages plug-ins like DesignMerge have over standalone VDP applications.

* Unlimited Design Features
– Ability to support all design elements and composition features of InDesign
Designers love it, because everything they are used to just continues to work!

* Edits and Modifications are Fast and Easy
– Edit documents directly with QuarkXPress or InDesign, without having to leave the application
No conversion of documents required!

* Minimal Training
– Works inside the application you already own, and know how to use
No new software or programming to learn!

* VDP Output Looks Perfect!
– DesignMerge output is “predictable”, which translates to happy customers
Looks like each page was created using “File>>Print”!


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