When I merge my document using DesignMerge, my line breaks disappear between variable text links. Why?

December 29, 2010 by
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If a line-ending character is included inside a text link, the line-ending character will be removed when you merge the document because incoming variable data will replace all of the characters that are inside the text link, including the line-ending character.

There are several ways to move a line-ending character to the outside of a text link. For example, use your Type/Text tool to click inside the text link and click the “Remove” button on the DesignMerge palette. Then, carefully select only the characters that you wish to have replaced by variable data, confirm you have not selected the line-ending character, and re-assign the variable link to the selected text.

TIP: DesignMerge will automatically exclude non-printing characters, such as a line-ending character, that are at the end of your selected text from being placed inside a text link if you turn on the “Smart Tags” preference (open the DesignMerge menu and select Preferences to access this preference).


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