The Variable Data Printing Choice: DesignMerge Plug-in Solution vs. Stand Alone’s

February 7, 2011 by
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Where are you at with variable data printing these days … stuck in Standaloneville or ready to move up to plug-in technology? Keep in mind your investment, both in terms of time and money, and that will lead you to the best overall decision.

Let’s look closely at some facts. Many of the desktop variable data printing products on the market today all share a common flaw, they utilize their own composition engines.

What does that mean? Well, the way that most of these packages work is to separate the “fixed” portion of a document from the “variable” portion of the document. Typically, the user is instructed to save the fixed portion of the job as a “background form” in PDF or some other format. If they are working in QuarkXPress or InDesign, it is up to them to delete or suppress the variable portion of the document, then save what’s left out as a PDF file. Humm…

Once the fixed file is created, the user then runs a completely separate variable data printing application. Most of the standalone VDP applications are themselves page layout applications, and they provide tools that are very similar to QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. The user places the background form onto the page in the VDP page layout software, and this becomes the fixed portion of the document.

Next, using the tools provided by the variable program, they create and “overlay” the variable portion of the document on top of the fixed graphic, being careful to properly align the variable data so that when everything is printed, the composite piece is properly aligned. Even if you are careful, the final document will still look pieced together! UGH! Let’s stop here and review…

If you’re really interested in professional quality output, easy-to-use plug-in technology for all your marketing campaigns, an excellent return on your investment, expandable to meet your variable needs now and in the future, then join us for a free demonstration of DesignMerge, the best VDP plug-in solution on the market today.


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