Why Is An AutoPrice Link Displaying “No Match!” After Being Updated? Part 2

January 25, 2011 by
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A “No Match!” condition means the AutoPrice Link (placeholder) has been assigned to a Search Key that does not exist in the database file.  To resolve this, try the following suggestion, Part 2.

Part 2:  Confirm the DDF has correct settings.

To do this, open the “Database Definitions” window by opening the “AutoPrice” menu and selecting “Setup > Database Definitions”.  For the “Current DDF” selection on the “Database Definitions” window, choose the DDF that you were using when you encountered the “No Match!” condition, and then click the “Edit” button.  This will open the “Edit DDF” window where you can confirm the “Search Key Field”, the “Case-Sensitive Search”, “File Origin”, and “Text Qualifier” settings are the correct settings for the database file that you are using to update the placeholders.  Change these settings if they are not set appropriately for the current database file, the click “OK” to close the “Edit DDF” window.  This will return you to the “Database Definitions” window where you are now ready to click the “Select” (or “OK”) button which will close the “Database Definitions” window.

If you changed any DDF settings, to confirm AutoPrice is now able to update the placeholder, update the “No Match!” placeholder (click inside the “No Match!” placeholder and then click the “Update” button on the AutoPrice palette).  If the placeholder is still encountering a “No Match!”, or if you did not change the original settings for the DDF because they appear to be correct, then go to the next troubleshooting step.


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