Why Is An AutoPrice Link Displaying “No Match!” After Being Updated? Part 3

March 14, 2011 by
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A “No Match!” condition means the AutoPrice Link (placeholder) has been assigned to a Search Key that does not exist in the database file.  To resolve this, try the following suggestion, Part 3.

Part 3:  If the previous two procedures cannot determine why the placeholder encountered a “No Match” condition … You may email Meadows Publishing Solutions Support a copy of the document that has a “No Match!” placeholder and a copy of the database file (you do not need to send us the document’s fonts or graphic files).  However, if you are using AutoPrice for QuarkXPress, also export your DDF Set to send to us (to do this, open the “Database Definitions” window and click the “Export DDF Set” button).

To send us this information, create a new folder where you can place a copy of the document file, database file, and if you are using QuarkXPress, the Exported DDF Set.  Compress (zip or stuff) the folder, and then email the resulting archive to Meadows Support (support@meadowsps.com).  Also, please include the following information in your email message:

– The version of AutoPrice software that you are using

– The version of the desktop layout application where you are using AutoPrice

– The version of the operating system where you are using AutoPrice

– A description of the problem you encountered, including the steps you took immediately before the problem as well as any steps you took to resolve the problem.


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