New in DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign: “Consecutive Numbering” Utility & the “Conservative Number” Keyword Variable Link!

June 14, 2011 by
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These two new features make it easy to include a consecutive number in your printing jobs.

If you would like to produce a job that includes a consecutive number and no other variable content, use the new “Consecutive Numbering” Utility to generate a database that consists of a single field containing the consecutive numbers that you need for the job.  Then, use Quick Setup to set up a new DDF (Database Definition) for the consecutive number database, place the DDF’s consecutive number variable link in the document, and merge. It’s that simple!

DesignMerge Pro also makes it very easy to produce a VDP job that includes a consecutive number along with other variable content even though the consecutive numbers are not in the job’s database.  To do this, add the “Consecutive Number” Keyword Link to your document’s DDF.  Next, place the Consecutive Number Keyword Link in the document along with your other Variable Links.  That’s it! You’re ready to merge the document.

While merging, this special Consecutive Number Keyword Link will generate consecutive numbers for the job on-the-fly!

For more details about these two Consecutive Numbering features, please see tutorial #5, the “Tips & Tricks” tutorial, which is available in PDF format in the DesignMerge Tutorial manual in  your DesignMerge product folder. For more product information click here.


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