New Features in DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign!

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The recent release of DesignMerge Pro v3.10, v4.10, and v5.10 software for Adobe InDesign introduces many new features that will help you deliver the best in your variable data printing jobs. Following is a quick overview of some of these new features which we  know you will enjoy using in your VDP jobs:

* MPS Group Picture module + the DesignMerge GroupPicture Link Type

The new MPS GroupPicture module and DesignMerge GroupPicture Link Type let you save InDesign groups of content for quick re-use and also to merge these groups as variables in your VDP jobs.

* Consecutive Numbering Utility + Consecutive Number Keyword Variable Link

These two new features make it easy to include a consecutive number in your printing jobs, regardless whether your VDP job includes other variable content.

* New Variable Picture Position Options

The latest version of DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign introduces new Variable Picture Position options, giving you even more control over the position and size of any VDP job’s variable pictures.

* MPS Scripting and MPS Print Automation optional modules

With the addition of these two new optional modules for the latest version of DesignMerge for InDesign, you can automate your VDP jobs. Also, when the MPS Scripting module is present, any type of DesignMerge Rule can launch external scripts, allowing your VDP jobs to achieve an even higher level of custom results.

* Master Page Variables

By being able to place both fixed and variable content on Master Pages that a Page Rule applies while merging, you can now set up a document to swap any of the content, both fixed and variable, that will appear on a page when the document is merged.

* MPS Tags

MPS Tags are a custom set of easy style tags that can be included in text files which the new MPS Tags Utility can process when importing the file, or embedded in data for Variable Links to provide pinpoint, character-to-character control over the styling of the text when DesignMerge merges that data into a Variable Text Link.

* MPS Tags Converter Utility

This new feature helps you retain DesignMerge Text Links when converting InDesign documents to a format that does not support DesignMerge Text Links (for example, the INX InDesign Interchange format or the IDML InDesign Markup format).

For more information on these new features, please see the DesignMerge v3.10/v4.1o/v5.10 Release Notes, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder that the installer places in your Macintosh Applications or Windows Program Files folder.


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