Why Should You Buy DesignMerge Training?

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Why Should You Buy DesignMerge Training?

There are tutorial suites that are included with DesignMerge to assist in your learning curve.  But, when you need to jump start the learning process, living training is the answer. Our trainers can either do the training online or onsite one-on-one training! A DesignMerge expert leads an online training session that covers common features while offering insights and tips for the selected output driver. The trainee actually “drives” the software while the instructor guides the process (the online meeting software provides this capability). A single trainee receives the focus of the training, thereby creating an “in-house” DesignMerge expert. The training is based on the tutorials that are included in the DesignMerge software package.

Onsite Training …

Instruction is held on-site at the client’s office with particular emphasis on integrating DesignMerge into the client’s production workflow. A DesignMerge expert leads a training session that covers all available features while offering insights and tips for the selected output driver. This training has been designed to create one or two “in-house” DesignMerge experts.  The training is based on the DesignMerge tutorials and manuals, with a maximum instruction time of eight hours.  Time remaining past the standard training can be dedicated to customer job preparation and related questions.

Job set-up can be added to either onsite or online training …

To add a measure of confidence for the client’s first application of the DesignMerge software.  Following initial training, the client provides Meadows Publishing Solutions all of the elements for a variable data printing job. (These files can be uploaded to the Meadows FTP site.) Within a minimum of two business days of receiving the required files, Meadows will return the document, linked and processed by DesignMerge, along with the DesignMerge DDF (Database Definition) for the database file and a PDF proof of 25 merged data records. The final merge will be executed by the client.  Additionally, a DesignMerge expert will schedule a second online training session based upon this job. The scope of training is defined by the job, with a maximum online instruction time of two hours.


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