C & A Marketing Empowers Their Clients With AutoPrice Expertise

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C & A Marketing  Corp. is a full-service studio in Elmhurst, IL providing creative and production services to national and multi-national clients for 15 years.  Their specialties include packaging, product manuals, catalogs, photography, retouching, illustration and production consulting. In 2006 C & A took a leap forward in serving their direct-marketing clients by adding catalog database technology to their suite of services.

Following is a short interview with Steve Bailey, Creative Partner for C & A Marketing, discussing how AutoPrice publishing software has helped meet their unique challenges and resulted in increased profits and expanded business opportunities.  Steve states that “With a solution using innovative mix of homegrown content management and AutoPrice catalog publishing software, C & A Marketing has found a profitable balance of supporting catalog production with AutoPrice catalog publishing integration services.”

What business challenges have you faced in the Catalog Production market?

The biggest challenge in catalog production is, quite frankly, making a profit. Catalogers are always looking for faster, lower cost and better. This does not exactly meet the profit goals of an agency where faster means expensive technology and more employees, lower cost means lower margins, and better means hiring top talent. Fortunately C & A Marketing has found a way out of this conundrum.  By offering a catalog solution, rather than simply catalog production, we are able to compete on value, instead of racing for the lowest price. Our clients who purchase catalog solutions find that the service transforms their operations, simplifying their daily business and realizing a net ROI that is greatly in their favor.

For example: A client of ours was entering a new market and needed content collected and published quickly in both print and web channels.  After reviewing their business needs, we determined the best solution was a content portal combined with a method for publishing the content quickly and accurately.

C & A Marketing developed the portal, allowing their client’s 100+ vendors easy access to upload catalog content, images and choice of template. The online portal provides easy status reporting, registrant information and a convenient interface for managing content. Using a combination of proprietary methods, extraordinary service and AutoPrice catalog publishing software, C & A Marketing provided a turnkey solution. The portal provides cross-channel content for both print and web, and has now been in use for five years.

This complete solution includes Content Portal Development, Portal Hosting, Help Desk Support, Content Management, Production Management, Design, Catalog Production and Print Services.

Why did you choose AutoPrice to be a part of your catalog service offering?

AutoPrice catalog publishing software is extremely flexible, and the support from Meadows Publishing Solutions, Inc. is unequaled.  They offer world-class products with service typically reserved for software boutiques.  We were confident that purchasing AutoPrice would mean more than completing our suite of catalog services.  It would allow us to compete as a solution provider rather than just offering standard production services, and we could help clients integrate their own in-house solution.

Whether our client wants to outsource their catalog, or needs help integrating their own solution, C & A Marketing can help.  Our catalog solutions can provide a complete turnkey operation, consulting services for integrating AutoPrice internally, or any combination therein.

What were the results of your AutoPrice integration?

Implementing AutoPrice has improved our service offerings and expanded our business, enabling us to compete as a catalog solution provider rather than a run-of-the-mill production house. Our expanded catalog database capabilities have allowed us to compete with much larger production houses and our linear organization is known for flexibility that others just can not match.

In addition to rounding out our catalog database solutions, we have assisted numerous clients with in-house production departments, in integrating AutoPrice. Our production team has an incredible knowledge base in implementing AutoPrice solutions that empowers our clients with confidence and expertise.

AutoPrice Catalog Publishing Software Delivers!

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AutoPrice™ provides sophisticated linking of QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign documents to any external database of information. As the name implies, AutoPrice is great for performing pricing updates on catalogs, retail flyers and similar publications, but is also perfect for updating phone lists, time tables, or any other type of information that can be referenced by a “key value” such as product number (SKU)

For more information, please visit AutoPrice at http://www.meadowsps.com/site/main/autoprice.htm