DesignMerge Helps Automate Identification Services’ Badge Release Program

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Originally founded in 1971 as a retail provider of engraved products, Identification Services has grown into a full-line manufacturer of promotional products for an international market. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Identification Services uses the latest technology for both customer service and manufacturing, and the DesignMerge Variable Data Software is an integral part of that offering. DesignMerge allows Identification Services to easily and quickly merge multiple fields of variable data into predefined templates to create custom products of varying complexity.

Following is a short interview with Jillisa Kraetz, Identification Services production artist, who discusses how DesignMerge has helped Identification Services expand its offerings and improve its bottom line.

What type of work do you do with DesignMerge?

As a supplier to the promotional products industry, we use DesignMerge to merge variable data when creating name badges, promotional magnets, and event bag tags. We also print consecutive numbering for products such as parking passes and employee ID badges.

What kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Our main product line is comprised of custom name badges. Customers may want names, logos, photos and bar codes on their badges. We needed a program that allows us to merge all of these fields at once, no matter how many options the customer wants printed on the badge. We also have customers who do short runs (often only one or two badges at a time) and we had to find a way to do this economically.

Why did you choose DesignMerge?

The built-in Group Picture feature in DesignMerge allows us to easily populate templates with “pre- formatted” badges and then merge the unique fields of data onto each badge, all in one step. We also like how DesignMerge allows us to easily merge single badges from multiple customers onto one template that can be printed and die-cut at the same time.

DesignMerge is also the only program we have found that has built-in copyfitting. This feature automatically adjusts both letter spacing and word spacing in order to fit the merged data into the layout without manual intervention.

And for those jobs that require consecutive numbering, DesignMerge tackles this requirement without issue.

What have been the results of implementing DesignMerge in your workflow?

DesignMerge has been a big time-saver for us. It allows us the capability of merging multiple layouts (with numerous variable fields) for various customers into a single file, which also results in a materials savings because we are able to “gang” jobs up.

Having DesignMerge has allowed us to more fully automate our popular “Prepaid Badge Release Program,” which makes it easy for customers to order the small quantities of products that may arise after placing their initial order. On the initial order, extra product is paid for and placed in our online inventory system for later release. When customers are ready to order more personalized product, they simply go to our website and enter the required names into predefined fields and submit their order. We can then gang hundreds of small orders together saving materials, time, and finishing costs.

Do you see this aspect of your business growing?

Yes, as the economy continues to grow we expect to see an increase in badge and ID requirements, as well as other personalized marketing and promotional materials.

To read this case study online and see sample output from their “Prepaid Badge Release Program” please click here.

New Software Releases for QuarkXPress 9

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Meadows is pleased to announce the release of two more QuarkXPress XTensions modules for QuarkXPress 9 Macintosh.

GroupPicture allows the user to save complete groups of QuarkXPress elements in a single file which “behaves” just like a picture. Catalog GroupPictures in any image database application (such as B·Media™, Canto Cumulus, Extensis Portfolio, etc.). Drag and drop groups from image database browser directly onto a QuarkXPress page. A great alternative to using Quark libraries. For additional information on GroupPicture, please click here.

CopyFit will automatically remedy text overflow (or underflow) conditions within a QuarkXPress text box based upon a set of user-defined copyfitting rules. For additional product information, please click here.

The following software modules have also been released for QuarkXPress 9 Macintosh: DesignMerge,
AutoPrice, and MPS Grabbers.

Meadows Publishing Solutions Announces the Release of CopyFit for QuarkXPress 8 Macintosh!

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Meadows Publishing Solutions (MPS) is pleased to announce the release of the stand-alone version of their popular CopyFit software, for QuarkXPress 8 Macintosh. MPS’s CopyFit Desktop is a software module that provides a number of sophisticated copyfitting features. The software is designed to detect and remedy overset (or underset) text conditions in any document, and repair the condition automatically according to a set of user-defined copyfitting rules. In addition to being part of the Meadows DesignMerge Pro software, CopyFit Desktop is available as a stand-alone product for both QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. For more information, please click here!

Best Variable Data Solution for the Offset Printer

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One of my favorite conversations I had at this year’s Graph Expo Show was speaking with traditional offset printers looking to tap into the hot variable data market. Most of these printers have clients who are looking for preferred vendors to produce personalized postcards, form letters, and other direct mail marketing projects. As we were talking, I could sense their frustration as they shared what they imagined to be additional time, resources, and costs associated with variable data. I enjoyed explaining to these companies just how easy and economical it is to produce efficient and effective projects using the DesignMerge Pro solution.

DesignMerge Pro is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress, two applications that graphic artists and desktop operators have been using their entire working career. Getting started with DesignMerge Pro is very easy and our solutions support all the style guides and design effects, so you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your client’s design integrity.

Other robust capabilities, like Conditional Rules Logic (menu driven, you can skip night school for programming) and CopyFit (multiple options, giving you eye pleasing capabilities to fix overset conditions), come standard in DesignMerge Pro. In addition, we support the most popular VDP outputs, including PPML and VPS, and can output to practically every RIP and digital printer…you know, that machine in the back that produces the office football pool sheets! Depending on your needs, investment in our solution can be made for under a thousand dollars, and can be scaled to meet your needs as your VDP business grows.

It was great seeing many faces turn from frustration to excitement knowing they can count on DesignMerge now and in the future.