AutoPrice Optional Software Modules

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AutoPrice software is still the premier data publishing, price updating and reporting software solution for major catalogers around the world. And now with the availability of the following three optional software modules, AutoPrice expands upon its flexibility even more!

AutoPrice PDF Exporter Module

The AutoPrice PDF Exporter module can automatically convert your AutoPrice placeholders into fully customized and embedded hyperlinks. The module supports a robust set of replaceable parameters that can be used to customize each of the links as they are exported. Full control over link styling is also provided. This module is ideal if you are creating PDF Catalogs, or exporting PDF pages with embedded hyperlinks for use in an online page turning catalog.

AutoPrice Squinch Reporter Module

The AutoPrice Squinch Reporter module produces comprehensive Square Inch Analysis reports from one or more catalog pages prepared using AutoPrice. Full SKU-level details about catalog square inch utilization is provided in a customized report format. Support for global, shared and combined square inch areas is also included as a standard feature. If you are tired of wearing a green eye shade and measuring your catalog pages with a ruler, then this one is for you!

AutoPrice Data Exporter Module

The AutoPrice Data Exporter module allows you to organize and extract
content (text, picture, and styling information) from any set of Adobe InDesign documents. The extracted content can then be used to populate Web, e-Commerce, or Digital Content databases.