Are You Ready for Intelligent Bar Codes?

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Intelligent Mail is Here!

On January 28, 2013, the Postal Service will require the use of the Intelligent Mail barcodes to qualify for automation prices. Say goodbye to PostNet!

All Mailers and Printers will need to be able to create and print Intelligent Mail barcodes. Luckily, our DesignMerge software for InDesign and QuarkXPress is ready to go, providing built-in support for fully variable Intelligent Mail barcodes.

To see DesignMerge in action, please click the link below to view a movie of this process, or visit for more information.

video re: Creating Variable Intelligent Mail Bar Codes with Designmerge

Seamless Integration for DesignMerge Variable Data Printing!

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In variable data printing (VDP), also called one-to-one marketing or digital print on demand, a printer can combine variable text and images stored as records in a database to create printed documents. VDP provides a more powerful and automated means of database publishing, one in which the printer can selectively target individual customers or prospects and deliver a unique, customized message to each individual.

An existing database can be dynamically linked to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress document, and seamlessly import the data or graphics. When the pages are printed on a digital press the content on each page of the printed piece can deliver total personalization, of text images or coloration, and an individualized messaging to each recipient.

VDP has become a hot topic in the printing industry, as it is a service that any printer, large or small, can deliver by investing in the necessary digital equipment and software. And VDP marketing done properly, reportedly, doubles or triples response rates for mailers, regardless of size.