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The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has released a white paper explaining what PDF/VT is and its advantages. GWG believes that support of PDF/VT is essential for variable print markets. Our DesignMerge product, always on the cutting edge, fully supports PDF/VT. To read the press release from GWG, and access their white paper, please click on the following link:



Minuteman Press is a Winner!

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Congratulations to Bill Lynch of Minuteman Press in Ft. Worth, Texas. Bill is the lucky recipient of a DesignMerge Starter software package, one year of technical support, and his choice of training packages! This door prize was given out at the Minuteman Press 2013 World Expo in Chicago August 9. Meadows reported a steady flow of Minuteman Press owners and operators in their booth during the three day expo. They are currently promoting a special offer just for Minuteman Press shops to help them get the DesignMerge variable data software up and running in their locations. For more information, please contact the Meadows sales department. And once again, congratulations to Bill!

DesignMerge Customer Testimonial

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“The DesignMerge Software has far exceeded our expectations, as well as expanded our capabilities in the realm of variable data production. The easy-to-navigate interface, combined with its robust functionality make it user-friendly and very much capable of processing practically all document types and layouts that contain multiple variable components.

We have used DesignMerge to create new templates for all of our outgoing mail applications. We also use it on a weekly basis for all of our internal correspondence to over 300,000 members and partners. DesignMerge, in my opinion, far surpasses all other software applications that offer similar functionality. I highly recommend DesignMerge for any and all companies that require variable data production.”

Aaron Price
Print Center Supervisor
World Changers Church International


Are You Ready for Intelligent Bar Codes?

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Intelligent Mail is Here!

On January 28, 2013, the Postal Service will require the use of the Intelligent Mail barcodes to qualify for automation prices. Say goodbye to PostNet!

All Mailers and Printers will need to be able to create and print Intelligent Mail barcodes. Luckily, our DesignMerge software for InDesign and QuarkXPress is ready to go, providing built-in support for fully variable Intelligent Mail barcodes.

To see DesignMerge in action, please click the link below to view a movie of this process, or visit http://www.meadowsps.com/usps/ for more information.

video re: Creating Variable Intelligent Mail Bar Codes with Designmerge

DesignMerge for InDesign CS6 Now Available

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Meadows Publishing Solutions is pleased to announce the release of DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign CS6! DesignMerge is an award-winning suite of plug-ins that allow users to quickly and easily create variable data output from any InDesign document.

This version includes several new features including Direct PDF Output, Embedded Variable Link Support, Enhanced 2D Bar Code Support, Enhanced Print Drivers, a new Print Preview Mode, and much much more!

For additional information on DesignMerge, please click here.

See Us at Graph Expo!

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Meadows will be demonstrating the very latest versions of DesignMerge and AutoPrice in booth 352 at Graph Expo, September 11-14 at McCormick Place South in Chicago. Please stop by for a personalized demonstration.

We hope to see you there!

Eastern Michigan University Teaches Variable Data Printing With DesignMerge!

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Eastern Michigan University is located in Southeast Michigan, approximately 30 miles west of Detroit.  The College of Technology offers a course in Digital Imaging and Reproduction which is part of the Communications Technology major.  Communications Technology is a multidisciplinary major that prepares students to eventually move into mid-management careers in technologies of the communications industry.  The class, CMT 207, implements aspects of digital printing and variable data in the print industry.

The 207 class was revised from the previous content based on film conversion and plate making to reflect new trends in the print industry.  This was a direct result of attending the Teachers Conference sponsored by GATF and PIA in conjunction with Graph Expo.  The future direction of the print industry was very clear based on the various presenters.  Given the increased interest towards digital it became clear that students needed practical experiences to meet the changing needs of potential employers.

Following is a short interview with Dave Gore, Program Coordinator, Communication Technology School of Technology Studies discussing how DesignMerge helped meet the needs of Eastern Michigan University’s leading edge print curriculum.

Why did you choose to teach DesignMerge as part of Eastern Michigan University’s Communications Technology major?

By virtue of being at Graph Expo it was possible to explore the many vendors’ solutions in variable data printing. After listening to salespeople and watching product demonstrations, DesignMerge variable data software seemed to have the best interface with Adobe InDesign and appeared to be more flexible than other variable data products.  It also seemed less dependent on the user having to be a database and XML expert.  This is a clear advantage allowing designers to design and still incorporating variable data without having to spend an excessive amount of time devoted to coding.  DesignMerge seemed to be the best fit especially for the education/teaching environment.

What was the ROI for teaching this class using DesignMerge?

The expectation of exposing students to VDP in this class is that they will be prepared to meet the needs of employers by having had hands-on lab experience with variable data software in their class projects.

The bottom line for us is that our students leave prepared and ready to compete for jobs.  From a fiscal perspective, the ROI was the best we could find by working with the salespeople at Meadows to purchase limited professional copies of DesignMerge supplemented with less costly lab seats for instruction.  This provided every student an opportunity to work with the program.  Since our mission is educational/instruction and we do not see a traditional profit based on our investment Meadows Publishing provided us a way to keep within the very limited budget of our university and still provide students with the best educational experience.

JakPrints Jumps Ahead with DesignMerge!

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JakPrints, Inc. prides itself on being a quality-driven, ecologically-friendly printer. They create products such as postcards, stickers, t-shirts, banners and more, through a variety of techniques which include offset printing and screen printing, as well as digital and wide format printing.

Following is a short interview with Tim Shoda, Pre-press Manager of Jakprints, discussing how DesignMerge has helped meet their unique challenges with a solution that has resulted in increased profits and expanding business opportunities.

What business challenges have you faced in the VDP market?

We noticed an increase in requests for same-day variable data and digital printing jobs, which we were not able to handle with our offset presses. Instead of outsourcing these jobs, we decided to handle them in-house. This would allow us to have greater flexibility and control over our business, specifically with variable data, numbering, and addressing jobs. Our goals were to offer our customers faster turn-around on smaller quantity runs, improve our efficiency, increase flexibility, and increase cost-effectiveness.

Why did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

To help meet our challenges and attain the goals that we had set, we chose to run DesignMerge on a Xerox 5000 press. We looked into a variety of options, but one of the key factors in our decision was the level of support offered through DesignMerge. Add to that its functionality, ease of use, and seamless integration, and it was a no brainer. DesignMerge is working very well for us as we continue to promote variable data printing to our customers and offer a web-to-print option. In addition, we’re promoting our company and services through custom mailing & newsletters, through which we keep in touch with our customers, while highlighting our capabilities. We want to drive home the idea that we can fulfill any idea and marketing campaign, because we have the capabilities to handle any job.

What were the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

We have seen an increased interest in personalized marketing campaigns, as well as an increase in individual bar-coding for tickets and coupons. The key is that we no longer have to turn away work because of a small quantity or same day turn-around. Variable data and digital printing have proven to be the perfect complement to our offset printing department. We see our variable data business continuing to grow, and we are confident that DesignMerge will continue to meet our needs.

Bringing Variable Data Capabilities In-House!

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Are you currently outsourcing your variable data projects to a vendor?

Are you depending on a third party to meet your project’s deadlines, budget, and not jeopardize the project’s design esthetics?

Be it a Healthcare Network, Financial Institution, Consumer Product Group, College /University, Service Provider, or even Printer, look no further than our DesignMerge variable data solution.

Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

1) Computer (who doesn’t have one of these)

2) Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress Application (Choose your flavor)

3) Digital Printing Equipment (optional)

4) DesignMerge Variable Data Solution (That’s it!)

DesignMerge’s robust features and capabilities are extremely to easy to use to start producing personalized marketing campaigns like postcards, form letters, event tickets, banners, or anything else that can personalized, numbered or versioned. We can show you just how easy this can be done in a 20-minute online demonstration.

Contact us today and we’ll help put you back in the driver’s seat and take back control of your VDP.

Blah, Blah, Blah… or should I say “Blog, Blog, Blog”?

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Okay, so I was asked to provide an entry for this blog. I am over 40…. okay, I’m even over 50. I have three grown children. Why do I need to blog?  Social technology has not been a friend to this 50-something mom. When my oldest son left for college, and my younger son left for the Marine Corps., I became an AOL instant messenger mom. I would sign on early in the morning, keeping one ear cocked for that “buddy chime” indicating that one of my precious offspring had just signed on. It didn’t take long before I figured out that it wasn’t coincidental that as soon as I sent them a hearty “Hello” they were suddenly “away” and always with some mom-directed message, like “off to the library to STUDY” or “busy cleaning my room and doing laundry” By the time my daughter left for college, everyone had migrated to Facebook, leaving me abandoned in the AOL IM dust. Okay, I thought, I’ll just set up a Facebook account. After sending several “Friend Requests” to my daughter, she reluctantly agreed to “be my friend” but not without restrictions. And so once again, I came to the realization that social technology was not really intended for this “fabulous and fifty” mom. My thumbs weren’t coordinated enough to text and tweet; and I couldn’t understand why anyone would be “a-twitter” to hear what I had to say. Blogging sounded like just another attempt to force me into embracing the new social realms of the 21st century. But, I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, and so even though my children might consider my “blogging” as “blah-ing” I will strive to prove them wrong, and  provide future entries that are interesting, or at least meaningful to the digital printing audience. But should my success with blogging follow a similar path to my success with previous social media, I know that I can depend upon my colleagues to pick up the slack. After all, most of them are a bit younger than me!

Long live variable data printing software for QuarkXPress!
Long live variable data printing software for InDesign!

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