You Can’t Hit Your Variable Data Target If You Don’t Aim!

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There’s a world of difference between direct mail and traditional advertising. The point to remember is, while traditional advertising, TV and radio, can reach an audience of millions per day … you really have no way of knowing if you’re reaching the people who are interested in your products and services.

With direct mail, the old way was running 100k pieces, ink jetting a name and address on the back and hoping for a 1% return … the “Spray and Pray” method.

In contrast, today’s direct mail can be very cost-effective and very well targeted, especially when you take advantage of the specialized and targeted mail lists that are available. With these demographically targeted lists you can personalize messages to potential customers, customize with coupon offerings and custom website landing pages. Your message can be targeted to each individual based on age, gender, income, region or whatever you like. This means that when a person gets a direct mail piece in their hands, it stays there longer than a second, enough time to consider taking action.

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