What is AutoPrice and How Does It Work?

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AutoPrice is a suite of XTensions modules for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress that provide a link between documents and an external data source (text file or ODBC connection). The product works by allowing the user to establish “placeholders” or “tags” inside of an existing document. A tag is essentially tied to a specific database field, and can be assigned to any range of text, text box, or picture box, inside of a document.

Each tag contains at least two pieces of information: a Search Key Value and a Variable Link. The Search Key Value is a unique identifier for each record in the database, typically a item number or product SKU. The Extraction Record is a pointer to a database field (or to an SQL fragment in ODBC mode), that tells AutoPrice which field or piece of information to “extract” from the database and use to populate the placeholder in the document.

When the user initiates a document update, for each tag in the document, AutoPrice queries the data source for a specific piece of information using the Search Key Value as the primary key. The data returned to AutoPrice then replaces the information that previously existed in the placeholder. Styling information is fully retained, and can also be controlled via the use of MPS Tags (our own styling language) in the incoming data stream, or by utilizing the Price Styling features of the AutoPrice product.

For more information, please visit AutoPrice at http://www.meadowsps.com/site/main/autoprice.htm