New Software Releases for QuarkXPress 9

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Meadows is pleased to announce the release of two more QuarkXPress XTensions modules for QuarkXPress 9 Macintosh.

GroupPicture allows the user to save complete groups of QuarkXPress elements in a single file which “behaves” just like a picture. Catalog GroupPictures in any image database application (such as B·Media™, Canto Cumulus, Extensis Portfolio, etc.). Drag and drop groups from image database browser directly onto a QuarkXPress page. A great alternative to using Quark libraries. For additional information on GroupPicture, please click here.

CopyFit will automatically remedy text overflow (or underflow) conditions within a QuarkXPress text box based upon a set of user-defined copyfitting rules. For additional product information, please click here.

The following software modules have also been released for QuarkXPress 9 Macintosh: DesignMerge,
AutoPrice, and MPS Grabbers.

New in DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign: “MPS GroupPicture” Module & the DesignMerge “GroupPicture” Link Type!

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Use these two new features to save InDesign groups of content for quick re-use and also to import these groups as variables in your VDP jobs.

The “MPS GroupPicture” module lets you save (page items that have been grouped together) as “GroupPictures”, which you can then easily import into documents to quickly set up new jobs based on content that you already laid out.  These groups can contain any type of content, including content tagged by DesignMerge, the DesignMerge Rules Module, or Meadows CopyFit.

Also, the new “GroupPicture” Link Type allows DesignMerge to merge any of these GroupPictures into a variable document.  Simply assign this new “GroupPicture” Link Type to the Variable Link that will be used to import the GroupPictures.  Next, assign that Variable Link to a picture box in the document where you would like the GroupPicture to appear.  Then, merge.  It’s that easy! While merging, DesignMerge will import the GroupPictures and will also process the variable content that is inside the imported GroupPictures.

For more details and an example of a DesignMerge VDP job that uses variable GroupPictures, please see Tutorial #4, the “Business Cards” tutorial, which is available in PDF format in the DesignMerge Tutorial Manual in your DesignMerge product folder.  For more information please visit our website …