Minuteman Press in Lebanon OH Uses DesignMerge to Grow Their Business

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Minuteman Press in Lebanon Ohio has been a community fixture for over 30 years. They pride themselves on being a complete source for all their clients’ printing needs and have always been on the leading edge of technology. They understand that investing in technology can actually save client costs and improve efficiencies. The DesignMerge Variable Data Software helps them to do just that!

Following is a short interview with Matt McGrew, the Prepress/Graphic Designer at Minuteman discussing how the DesignMerge software has helped them to improve their bottom line by bringing more jobs in-house, and offering expanded design options to their clients.

What business challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Some of the challenges we face in the VDP market are getting clients involved in the process of creating databases, seeing the value of personalized pieces and that VDP is not a difficult process and can have a positive effect on ROI.

Why did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

We chose DesignMerge because of the ease of integration into our workflow. We mainly use the Adobe Creative Suite and having a VDP product that works with InDesign makes for a comfortable and familiar learning process.

What were the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

DesignMerge has allowed us to bring many jobs in-house that we would have previously sent to a mail house. We have also found that printing variable data info directly on a piece saves time and lessens the amount of handwork. For instance we have some forms that would be printed, cut down, then taken to be numbered an our numbering machine. Now we just print the numbers as we print the form. As you know any way time can be saved helps

What types of jobs do you do with DesignMerge?

We do addressing of postcards, envelopes and other mail pieces, letters with as many as 25 different pieces of personalized info, numbering of forms and raffle tickets.

Do you see this aspect of your business growing in the near future?

We definitely see the growth potential of VDP. The personalization of printed materials, advertising, and the convenience of having a one-stop place for all of your direct marketing needs should only increase with many clients needing to be more conservative with their budgets.

To read this case study online and view a sample VDP job from Minuteman Press, please click here.

Morel Communications Workflow Enhanced With DesignMerge

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Morel Communications Inc. (formerly Witham and Dickey) is a one-stop shop for printing, headquartered in Portland, OR and servicing the greater Northwest.  They offer a full spectrum of services, reaching a very diverse market.  With roots in traditional offset printing, they have expanded their business into many profitable new market niches by incorporating variable data printing.  Their personalized promotional products range from pens, hats and coffee mugs to full apparel, with the Homestead Cards division offering popular Holiday Union specialty cards that can also be personalized.  And as a premier printer for political campaigns, they provide anything that may need printing, like the “Get The Message Out” Tees in a Jiffy!

Following is a short interview with Joe Lloyd, Prepress/IT Manager discussing how DesignMerge has helped meet their unique challenges with a solution that has resulted in increased profits and an expanded customer base.

What business challenges have you faced in the VDP market?

Our main challenge, moving into the variable data market, was what to charge for this new service.  Realizing that we needed to analyze the market to understand its potential, we asked the questions, “How would our investment in the variable data market grow and expand our business?” “Would we see a profit while offering competitive prices for our client’s ability to personalize their direct mail campaigns and newsletters?” Well, we’ve answered these questions and have installed new equipment to better serve our customers with a HP Indigo 550 6-Color Press and DesignMerge variable data software.  Now we can dazzle our customers with personalized print on everything from books to mailers and anything in between!

Why did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

We chose DesignMerge as our VDP solution because it’s a powerful and cost-effective implementation to a workflow we already had in place.  It’s a simple plug-in solution for InDesign that adds superior functionality without having to leave our composition software.  This smooth integration of DesignMerge into InDesign meant that our operators were up and running in virtually no time.  We also receive great support from the technical staff at Meadows Publishing Solutions anytime we have a question.

Furthermore, DesignMerge is very flexible, enabling us to create everything from quick turn-around jobs with a few lines of variable text, to very complex layouts that involve photos, map locations, and postal bar codes.

What were the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

Our ROI with DesignMerge has been phenomenal!  Not only from a profit standpoint but from a customer enrichment standpoint as well.  We are now able to show new and old customers alike, the benefits of variable data printing and personalized mailing campaigns. They in turn, can teach their marketing groups and buyers a new method for increasing sales and expanding business, resulting in a Win-Win situation all the way around.