DesignMerge Bar Code Keyword Variable Link … ROCKS!

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DesignMerge provides a built-in feature that allows you to create variable PostNet and USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Codes based on data taken from a database file. When used in conjunction with the Meadows Bar Code Module, DesignMerge can also create other popular bar codes, such as Code 128, Code 39, UPC, and Interleaved 2 of 5.

If your database file contains a field with data that is already formatted for a particular type of bar code, then we do not recommend using a Bar Code Keyword Variable Link. Instead, use a normal Text Variable Link to merge this data “as is”, and apply the bar code font that is recommended by the application that produced the bar code data. If the bar code data in your database file is missing any required Start and Stop characters, you may use the Variable Link “Add Prefix” and “Add Suffix” feature to add these characters automatically; be careful to use the appropriate character that your bar code font requires.

If your database file does not contain a field with data that is already formatted for a particular type of bar code, but does contain the data that the bar code is to represent, then you may use the DesignMerge Bar Code Keyword Variable Link feature to convert that data to the appropriate format. To use this feature successfully, all of the data that is to be encoded for the variable bar code must be in a single field in your database file. The length of the data that is provided by the database will determine the length of the variable bar code. Please note that each of the various Bar Code Keyword Variable Links require a specific type of data. If any data is not valid for conversion to a particular bar code format, DesignMerge will display a warning when the invalid data is merged into the Bar Code Keyword Variable Link. For an example of setting up and using a Bar Code Keyword Variable Link, please see Tutorial #2 (the Postcard Tutorial) in your DesignMerge Tutorial Manual, which is available in the DesignMerge product folder on your system.

DesignMerge VDP Training Tip: “Mark Items as Variable”

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Use the “Mark As Variable” DesignMerge feature if your Adobe InDesign document contains any fixed (static or non-variable) content that is interacting in a text wrap with variable data content AND you would also like to take advantage of the exclusive DesignMerge variable data printing capabilities that optimize the performance of the DesignMerge variable data print drivers.

When a fixed page item is ‘marked as variable’, the VDP Optimization feature of the DesignMerge print drivers (for example: PPML or Creo VPS) will optimize that fixed object in a specialized manner to allow it to continue interacting with variable content in the optimized variable data print output. Examples include:

* Fixed content that wraps around variable content
* Fixed content that has variable content wrapping around it

To use this feature, simply select the frame of the fixed content that you wish to mark as variable, and then select “Mark Item as Variable” from the “DesignMerge> Utilities> Print Driver” menu. The frame edge will then display a visual indicator.

For an example, please see DesignMerge Tutorial #2 (the Postcard tutorial) where a fixed image has been marked as variable.