DesignMerge Helps MARQUIS to push the limits!

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Josh Leonard, VDP programmer at MARQUIS. needed a software solution that could keep up with their volume. MARQUIS produces tens of thousands of records per day with every page being unique. It is not unusual for them to process hundreds of thousands of records each week, including postcards, letters, self-mailers, and more. DesignMerge has really allowed them to push their limits.

To read the full case study on MARQUIS, please click this link:


Bulldog Marketing Technologies is Bullish on DesignMerge!

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Bulldog Marketing Technologies (BMT) is a data-driven marketing firm based in the Midwest. BMT’s broad client base includes some of the largest automotive dealer groups in the country, as well as over seventy-five car dealerships, and a national restaurant chain with over 150 franchises. Following is a short interview with Mike Staebell, Creative Director for Bulldog Marketing Technologies, discussing how DesignMerge has helped meet their unique challenges with a solution that has resulted in increased profits and expanding business opportunities.

Providing highly personalized communications is BMT’s top priority. Our automotive product line features a wide range of variable print formats including brochures, postcards, self-mailers, and letters. DesignMerge makes it easy to tailor these formats for the intended recipient, resulting in customized vehicle proposals and trade information, personalized quotes, and even service reminders. These highly personalized communications help to familiarize the customer with automotive options before they even visit the dealership; and result in higher retention rates and a faster, more efficient sales process for the dealer.

What business challenges have you faced in the VDP market?

One of the biggest challenges we have faced is maintaining each client’s brand identity in a single print run. Many dealers and auto manufacturers require custom imagery and specific color usage in their marketing materials. DesignMerge allows us to create swatches, logos, and other imagery specific to a given client, and apply them using the DesignMerge rules palette. By avoiding “hard-coded” images and colors in our InDesign templates, we’re able to run a large number of records in a single print run, producing pieces for numerous manufacturers and dealerships while maintaining brand standards for each.

Why did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

Bulldog Marketing Technologies chose DesignMerge because it gives our creative department the ability to design attractive and effective print pieces that are personalized to each of our clients’ customers. It also allows us to generate print-ready PPML files that can be sent to many different printers nationwide. This saves us turn-around time, postage, and production costs, and gives us an opportunity to shop around for the best pricing in a given region. For in-house print jobs, we’ve found that DesignMerge cut/stack mode allows us to print address panels directly onto the postcards that we produce, saving us time, money and hassle.

What were the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

Since we began implementing DesignMerge, we’ve thrown out our postage ink jetter and have enjoyed faster production, lower costs, and most importantly, more effective marketing materials for our clients. We are very pleased with our decision to choose DesignMerge for our variable data printing needs!

JakPrints Jumps Ahead with DesignMerge!

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JakPrints, Inc. prides itself on being a quality-driven, ecologically-friendly printer. They create products such as postcards, stickers, t-shirts, banners and more, through a variety of techniques which include offset printing and screen printing, as well as digital and wide format printing.

Following is a short interview with Tim Shoda, Pre-press Manager of Jakprints, discussing how DesignMerge has helped meet their unique challenges with a solution that has resulted in increased profits and expanding business opportunities.

What business challenges have you faced in the VDP market?

We noticed an increase in requests for same-day variable data and digital printing jobs, which we were not able to handle with our offset presses. Instead of outsourcing these jobs, we decided to handle them in-house. This would allow us to have greater flexibility and control over our business, specifically with variable data, numbering, and addressing jobs. Our goals were to offer our customers faster turn-around on smaller quantity runs, improve our efficiency, increase flexibility, and increase cost-effectiveness.

Why did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

To help meet our challenges and attain the goals that we had set, we chose to run DesignMerge on a Xerox 5000 press. We looked into a variety of options, but one of the key factors in our decision was the level of support offered through DesignMerge. Add to that its functionality, ease of use, and seamless integration, and it was a no brainer. DesignMerge is working very well for us as we continue to promote variable data printing to our customers and offer a web-to-print option. In addition, we’re promoting our company and services through custom mailing & newsletters, through which we keep in touch with our customers, while highlighting our capabilities. We want to drive home the idea that we can fulfill any idea and marketing campaign, because we have the capabilities to handle any job.

What were the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

We have seen an increased interest in personalized marketing campaigns, as well as an increase in individual bar-coding for tickets and coupons. The key is that we no longer have to turn away work because of a small quantity or same day turn-around. Variable data and digital printing have proven to be the perfect complement to our offset printing department. We see our variable data business continuing to grow, and we are confident that DesignMerge will continue to meet our needs.

Bringing Variable Data Capabilities In-House!

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Are you currently outsourcing your variable data projects to a vendor?

Are you depending on a third party to meet your project’s deadlines, budget, and not jeopardize the project’s design esthetics?

Be it a Healthcare Network, Financial Institution, Consumer Product Group, College /University, Service Provider, or even Printer, look no further than our DesignMerge variable data solution.

Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

1) Computer (who doesn’t have one of these)

2) Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress Application (Choose your flavor)

3) Digital Printing Equipment (optional)

4) DesignMerge Variable Data Solution (That’s it!)

DesignMerge’s robust features and capabilities are extremely to easy to use to start producing personalized marketing campaigns like postcards, form letters, event tickets, banners, or anything else that can personalized, numbered or versioned. We can show you just how easy this can be done in a 20-minute online demonstration.

Contact us today and we’ll help put you back in the driver’s seat and take back control of your VDP.