Why DesignMerge Is The Best Solution For VDP

February 8, 2011 by · Leave a Comment
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When it comes to variable data printing, we are obviously big fans of plug-in technology, as it’s been our exclusive focus for almost 16 years.  But there’s another reason for our long term commitment … You, the professional digital printer that’s trying to compete, provide state-of-the-art solutions to your market, and make a profit.

With DesignMerge, you’ll be able to reach all three goals efficiently.  Let’s take a closer look at DesignMerge to back up our position.

DesignMerge is a fantastic VDP tool for a large variety of VDP jobs, and has no limit on the number of records it can process.  The average output speed of DesignMerge is much faster than the speed of most digital presses on the market today.  However, as much as we like DesignMerge, we also feel that eventually, customers wishing to fully support VDP may ultimately wish to utilize more than one application.

For instance, if typically running VDP jobs with 50,000 or more data records, that are needed within a couple of hours, it may be necessary to look at a high-speed VDP application.  While faced with some limitations, the trade-off will be that the output can be produced more quickly.

The “templated” approach to VDP addresses an entirely different segment of the market, where a VDP template is created and stored on the digital press.  Then, an automated data stream is fed to the press and the entire merge and print process happens there.  This approach is even more limited than using a standalone VDP application, but it does offer advantages for automated processes where the document design is relatively simple and the variable data is minimal.

DesignMerge has output drivers for several template formats, but a manufacturers code is required to install on your printing press.