The Meadows AutoPrice software package for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 has a new name: DesignMerge Catalog. All of the features and options that were available in the AutoPrice software for InDesign CC 2015 are available in DesignMerge Catalog software for InDesign CC 2017. When you install DesignMerge Catalog, you will notice the menu that was previously named AutoPrice is now named DesignMerge. You will find the same entries in this DesignMerge menu that you saw in the AutoPrice menu for Adobe InDesign CC 2015. Additionally, the AutoPrice floating palette is now called the DesignMerge Catalog floating palette.Please note that all AutoPrice Documentation is currently in the process of being updated to reflect this name change. However the current documentation is still applicable since this is simply a change in the name of the software.If you should have any questions about this change, please contact Meadows Sales ( or open a Support Ticket on the Meadows Help Desk (

AutoPrice, available as a plug-in for Adobe InDesign, helps to streamline the production and versioning of catalogs, price lists, retail flyers and financial documents.

AutoPrice™ provides sophisticated linking of InDesign documents to any external database of information (either flat-file, or ODBC). AutoPrice is great for performing price, picture, or text updates for any type of information that can be referenced by a “key value” such as product number (SKU).


Saves time by automatically updating information from any flat-file or ODBC-compliant database. No more manual price changes

Allows last-minute revisions so published information is always current & consistent

Reduces errors and speeds proofing

Allows you to instantly swap out product pictures, logos or any type of graphic image

Automate versioning: spin off multiple catalog versions from a single original

Use AutoPrice Exporter Pro to extract data from an InDesign document to a database file, which can then be used to populate Web, e-commerce or digital content databases

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