Database Publishing Software

Meadows Publishing Solutions has developed several product suites which provide bi-directional connectivity between QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign® documents and virtually any external database. These products allow database information (text, picture, or article) to be imported into QuarkXPress or InDesign layouts automatically, thereby saving hours of production time. The software products are stratified based on specific applications and methods of accessing the database information.

For variable data printing, mail-merge, or automated document assembly work, our DesignMerge® suite of products provides a sophisticated solution. DesignMerge works by processing database information one record at a time, thereby producing unique, one-off, "personalized" versions of QuarkXPress or InDesign documents which can be output in a variety of different formats.

Common Applications for DesignMerge

Postcards & Direct Mail
Business Cards, ID Badges, Invitations
Coupons, Tickets, Labels, Consecutive Numbering
Personalized Marketing Collateral

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For pricing, text, or picture updates in catalogs, retail flyers, or financial publications, our AutoPrice™ suite of products is an appropriate solution. AutoPrice works by querying the database for information associated with a specific “search key”, typically a product SKU. The information is retrieved and used to replace the original content in a QuarkXPress or InDesign document.

And if you are looking to build a database or index from your QuarkXPress pages, or if you already have an asset database, be sure to check out our Data Exporter and GroupPicture products. They are both unique in design and powerful in function.

Common Applications for AutoPrice

Automatic Price Updates for Catalogs & Retail Flyers
Catalog & Retail Price Versioning
Custom Spin-off Catalogs
Export Data from QuarkXPress Documents
Populate Content Management Systems with Product Information
Populate Web Sites with Product Information
Update Financial Documents