DesignMerge Pro Tutorial 1 - Form Letter

This tutorial covers the basic merge and output capabilities of the DesignMerge Pro software. The sample document consists of a single-page form letter that has several variable elements, including text and pictures. Additionally, you will learn how to use DesignMerge rules to apply conditional processing while merging. You will merge data from a tab-delimited text file into the form letter document to produce pages containing each version of the variable data. This tutorial also covers how to produce a DesignMerge PDF file containing the merged pages.



This tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions for each of the four basic steps in using DesignMerge to produce a variable data job:

  1. Set up a Data Source Definition (DDF)
  2. Assign variable links to content in the document
  3. Check your work by running merge reports and tests
  4. Create merged output

Sample Document

The sample document is a simple one-page document to represent a sample form letter. The name of the document for this tutorial is Form Letter.indd and it exists in the 1) Form Letter Tutorial folder.

DesignMerge variables have not yet been placed in this document. This tutorial will show you how to assign variable links to the inside address and salutation text, to a text frame for contact information, to a picture frame for a credit card logo, and to a picture frame for a map.

Sample Data File