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Update prices, or spin-off market versions of your publication with DesignMerge Catalog!

Catalog Price Updates and Versioning

This video demonstrates the basic price updating capabilities of DesignMerge Catalog. In this example, we have a catalog page that must be updated with the very latest pricing information which is provided in an external spreadsheet. In addition, the catalog must be versioned to produce a separate European issue of the publication with completely different pricing. The demo shows off some of the core features of DesignMerge Catalog including the exclusive Variable Link redirection capabilities, allowing you to switch data fields with absolutely no manual changes to the InDesign document. If you would like to have a look at some of the other advanced DesignMerge Catalog features, such as Rules, Search Criteria, Report Generation, CopyFit, and Batch Processing, please contact us to arrange a personalized demonstration.

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