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Direct Mail

Personalized direct mail postcards and letters are a breeze with DesignMerge Pro. Even complex conditional rules seem trivial when there is no programming language to learn.


Tags & Labels

The built-in imposition features of DesignMerge make tag and label processing easy to manage. Output options are available for both sheet-fed and roll-fed devices.


Catalog & Retail

Instantly update prices, descriptive copy, and even images with the click of a button. No more manual price changes or data entry mistakes; you can even generate reports just to be sure.


Cards & Badges

For multi-up cards and badges, the DesignMerge Cut & Stack and Sequencing features are a real time-saver. Have a look at this sweet ID Badge application.


About Meadows

Meadows Publishing Solutions is a software development and integration company that provides unique and powerful solutions for variable data printing and data publishing applications. Central to all of our solutions is our DesignMerge® product line, which is a suite of commercial software products that have been utilized by hundreds of companies worldwide to streamline and automate their data publishing workflows.

Quite simply, DesignMerge software connects data with documents to keep content current, or to produce personalized output in a variety of print and digital formats. As with all of our solutions, DesignMerge exemplifies our core design philosophy, which is heavily focused on productivity and ease of use.

DesignMerge software is controlled via a simple user interface, and requires no programming skills. The direct integration with Adobe InDesign provides the ultimate in creative design flexibility and ensures high-quality results. If you already know Adobe InDesign, then you are going to love DesignMerge!

DesignMerge for Variable Data

DesignMerge Pro is an award-winning variable data printing and publishing software suite that works directly with Adobe® InDesign®. The software has been utilized by hundreds of companies worldwide to produce personalized output for both print and digital applications.

Everything from simple direct mail postcards and letters to fully variable custom brochures and catalogs are being produced with DesignMerge Pro software. Whether you are producing a short run set of personalized PDF files, or printing thousands of custom mailers, DesignMerge Pro includes the power and features to get the job done.

And it’s all so easy! The document setup and preparation require no programming skills at all, and every aspect of the software can be controlled using a well-designed set of menus and panels. Bottom line, if you already know Adobe InDesign, then you will immediately feel right at home with DesignMerge Pro.


DesignMerge for Catalog and Retail

DesignMerge Catalog is the original Meadows software product that was developed with a specific purpose in mind – to provide catalogers and retailers with a way to quickly update pricing, pictures, descriptive copy and other content in their document pages in a fully automated fashion.

Using DesignMerge Catalog software, our customers now save hours of preparation and proofing time, and manual price changes are a thing of the past. Just open a document, select a menu item, and almost instantly every tagged item in your catalog is updated from your database in seconds.

Of course once you get the data in, you sometimes also need to get the data out, and the DesignMerge Catalog reporting features make that easy as well. There are also features for indexing, product hyperlink creation, automatic page building, batch processing, and many other features that just about every cataloger and retailer will love.

DesignMerge for Automation

When it comes to lights-out automation, our DesignMerge suite of software has you covered. We partnered with Enfocus to develop a specialized module for their Switch application, which allows you to craft totally automated variable data workflows.

Drag a CSV file into a hot folder, or communicate directly with your web-to-print system. When the input is ready, the rest of the process is handed off to DesignMerge Pro and Enfocus Switch to do all of the heavy lifting. Packaging, preflighting, imposition, and merging are all handled along the way, with full error checking and routing at every stop.

If you already have your own custom workflow in place, DesignMerge software provides access to a robust programming API so you can integrate with your existing system to add VDP features, resulting in a totally customized solution. For online systems, we’ve also got you covered with our DesignMerge Server and DesignMerge Queue solutions, which offer the perfect solution to complex online composition challenges.


What They’re Saying

DesignMerge Pro is a stable and very powerful suite of variable data software. We looked at several different VDP software suites before we decided to purchase DesignMerge Pro. None of them can deliver as much versatility and ease of use without requiring expensive server implementations and support.

We have been using the software for over 6 years now have never had a job that DesignMerge Pro couldn’t handle. The support team at Meadows is great as well. I would highly recommend DesignMerge Pro for any company that would like to expand the capabilities and increase the efficiency of their variable data print team.

Andrew Gasper
Digital Print Manager

What They’re Saying

I did a lot of research before choosing a VDP program. DesignMerge Pro has more to offer every time I use it! The print is seamless, and the thought these developers put into the details attest to their knowledge of the print industry.

DesignMerge Pro is like the Photoshop of Variable Data, more features every time you use it, and more potential to accommodate so many facets of customer service.

Barb Watson
Jupiter Minuteman Press

What They’re Saying

I have been using DesignMerge Catalog for Adobe InDesign for a number of years. DesignMerge Catalog helps us update the pricing on each page of our 3,000+ page catalog much faster than trying to update each price individually, and the reporting features help to catch any errors.

In addition, we recently started to use the PDF Exporter feature which is a very helpful tool that works with DesignMerge Catalog. I have been working with Meadows for several years, and they are very easy to work with and have excellent technical support.

Vanita Ellis
Catalog Manager

What They’re Saying

We like DesignMerge Pro, in particular for the way it integrates with Adobe InDesign. We can design effective pieces with the Adobe tools that we already know and use, and offer our clients the kind of personalized print pieces that improve their response rates.

In addition, when we were first trying to exploit the full potential of DesignMerge, Meadows arranged for a very knowledgeable and patient expert to guide us through the features of the product and to discuss the options we have in creating pieces, and the trade-offs that we need to consider.

Sean O'Donnell-Brown
Western Illinois University
Print Services

What They’re Saying

We started using DesignMerge Pro more than 5 years ago to automate the process of producing fully variable botanical tags and point-of-purchase material for our customers. Within two years of utilizing the software, we reduced our staffing in the pre-production area by almost 1/3 due to the efficiencies gained.

We have found that we can create more consistency in our product lines, and utilize the information in our databases with greater accuracy, all while producing creative products.

Julie Rice
Director of Operations

What They’re Saying

Buying software is just one of the many costs of doing business. But, when you buy software and it ends up making you money – seriously, what could be better than that? DesignMerge Pro truly changed the way we do business. We can promise jobs faster, because we know we can turn them around faster.

I’ve had a few questions along the way, but if I thought the software worked well, I was blown away by the customer service and technical support. You are always afraid that new solutions will be too complicated, but the DesignMerge team made it seem effortless.

Jay Beber

Free Software

Meadows Productivity Suite

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The Meadows Productivity Suite (or MPS Pro Suite for short) is a set of powerful software tools developed by Meadows Publishing Solutions, and designed to streamline certain common publishing tasks for Adobe InDesign users. The current version of the MPS Pro Suite allows you to quickly create advanced multi-up imposition layouts of graphics, PDF files, and other file types directly in any Adobe InDesign document. Please have a look at the demo video for more details, or fill in the form to receive your free license now!


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