DesignMerge Case Studies

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  • DesignMerge Pro Case Studies

    Application: Highly customized marketing campaigns


    As a leader in the financial services market, MARQUIS utilizes data to develop effective strategies for their clients, making the efficient use of data critical. The DesignMerge Pro capabilities streamline the process of personalizing marketing outputs, such as direct mail, in order to deliver customized results on a record-to-record basis, evolving alongside data inputs as they continue to accumulate to provide MARQUIS with the potential to create up-to-date, personalized content quickly so they can continue to focus on developing innovative strategies that provide their clients with measurable results.


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  • Silverline Digital

    Application: Customized newsletters, tickets, brochures


    Silverline Digital specializes in creating personalized content for their clients in any form they desire, whether it be newsletters, postcards, brochures, or the like. With the help of the variable data software capabilities of DesignMerge, the company gained the ability to make their outputs even more customized, providing their clients with limitless personalization potential. Now, instead of manually building each piece of content, DesignMerge can incorporate variable text and images instantly, creating an ease of application that has lead to limitless growth potential for Silverline Digital.


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  • Woodland Associates

    Application: Identification materials


    At Woodland Associates, a small graphic arts company, the automation of data entry has had a dramatic impact on productivity and accuracy which has lead to substantial benefit for the company’s bottom line. The ease of use in the DesignMerge interface and readily available tech support made DesignMerge a standout solution for Woodland Associates.


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  • Plasti-Fab

    Application: Id tags, signage, labels


    For decades, Plasti-Fab has been producing visual identification products and they have utilized DesignMerge Pro software to streamline the process without compromising efficiency or quality. With the help of DesignMerge, the rapid creation of bar codes and sequential numbers is seamless, and this simplification of Plasti-Fab’s workflow has improved their bottom line. The user-friendly software and plethora of technical support has given Plasti-Fab employees the freedom to expand their corporate and creative potential.


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  • WAM

    Application: Direct mail, targeted mailings


    As an industry leader in mailing, printing, and data services, WAM requires sophisticated software to allow them to continue providing the highest quality variable output to their customers, while maintaining their creative edge. DesignMerge Pro gives WAM the potential to utilize real-time data to craft direct-mail pieces and other high-quality personalized products. The convenience that DesignMerge Pro has afforded WAM allows them to continue to spearhead the direct mail industry, while keeping their services affordable.


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  • Yorke

    Application: Business cards, name tags, labels, postcards


    Yorke boasts an enormous offering for digital printing jobs, and the implementation of DesignMerge Pro into their business has increased their personalization capacity and efficiency of outputs. Yorke gravitated to the DesignMerge software for their variable data needs because of the user-friendly interface, wide range of capabilities, and the vast technical support provided by the Meadows team. As VDP expands the future of the printing market, Yorke is positioned to continue on as a leader in the industry as their client-centric business model is enhanced thru the DesignMerge software.


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