About Meadows

Founded in 1991, Meadows Publishing Solutions provides commercial and custom software development, integration, and consulting services for the print and electronic publishing markets. Our current areas of focus include Variable Data Printing, Database Publishing Automation, and Digital Catalog Production.

Anything that connects documents
to databases is our specialty!

Meadows offers a full range of software solutions, from desktop VDP applications, to complete web-based composition and load balancing systems, with the integration and industry knowledge that allow us to craft a reliable solution for any publishing challenge. Hundreds of companies rely upon Meadows software every day to automate and streamline their variable data processes. Our flagship software product is called DesignMerge, and our team has developed a number of commercial software products for Adobe InDesign that are offered under this brand.

DesignMerge Pro is a very powerful suite of software for Variable Data Publishing and Printing. The software works directly with all versions of Adobe InDesign for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, and includes a full set of VDP software features, including built-in Rules Processing, Multi-up Layouts, and support for every major VDP output format on the market today, including PPML and PDF/VT. Applications for DesignMerge include everything from personalized direct mail postcards and form letters, to business cards, gaming tickets, and even financial statements.

DesignMerge Catalog software is utilized by hundreds of catalogers worldwide to quickly update catalog pricing and product data, or to spin-off multiple price or language versions of existing catalogs. Retailers also utilize DesignMerge Catalog to quickly produce multiple market versions of weekly inserts and flyers.


To sum it up…
If you want to connect
Data with Design,
thats DesignMerge!


Meadows is based in the USA, just outside of Chicago, Illinois, and we are proud to say that all of our software development, sales, and technical support are based here as well. When you contact us for support, you communicate directly with a local Meadows technical expert, who happens to be sitting right down the hall from one of our software engineers. Customers absolutely rave about the level of support they receive from our team, and because we develop all of our own software in-house, we are also able to react very quickly to customer issues, sometimes providing software updates or modifications the very same day! This level of support is absolutely critical for variable data publishing applications where even a small glitch can have a broad effect on your production process.

Some of our major partners include Konica Minolta, Canon, Fujifilm USA, and Enfocus. Our software has been rigorously tested on all of the latest digital presses, and we fully support the most current variable data output formats such as PDF/VT. For more information about the Meadows Publishing Solutions suite of software products, please have a look around our web site, or contact us for more details or to arrange a personalized software demonstration.