Direct Mail

For direct mail postcards and letters, DesignMerge Pro software is a perfect fit!

Personalized Postcard for Prospective Gym Members

In this example piece, a direct mail postcard is being created to target prospective new members for a local gym. Various elements of the piece, including text, photos, and colors are being modified conditionally, based on the gender and family status of the recipient. The final result is a totally customized set of postcard mailers, each containing highly targeted imagery and messaging.

This example uses many of the standard DesignMerge Pro features, including the built-in Rules Module for setting up the conditional logic (if/then/else) required to craft such a targeted piece, and the CopyFit module to guard against overset text, which is very common in direct mail applications. Variable linear and 2D bar coding features are also demonstrated. Please have a look at the video below for the full demonstration.

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