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Meadows Productivity Suite

A new set of powerful publishing utilities for Adobe InDesign

The Meadows Productivity Suite (or MPS Pro Suite for short) is a powerful set of software tools developed by Meadows Publishing Solutions, and designed to streamline certain common publishing tasks for Adobe InDesign users.


What does it do?

The current version of the MPS Pro Suite allows you to quickly create advanced multi-up imposition layouts of graphics, PDF files, InDesign documents, and other file types directly in any Adobe InDesign document.  Future versions of the MPS Pro Suite will provide even more features. If you care to suggest a new feature or enhancement, we would welcome and appreciate your feedback!


By the way … it’s FREE!

A completely free, single-user version of the MPS Pro Suite is being made available for a limited time. To register for your free copy, please visit the MPS Pro Suite Registration Form toward the bottom of our home page, and submit your request. You will receive an email confirmation that includes further instructions, along with your free single-user Order Code for the software.

Have a Look

See the MPS Pro Suite in Action

Video Thumb

This video provides a quick demonstration of the multi-up imposition capabilities provided by the Meadows Productivity Suite. Using this free tool, you can quickly create advanced multi-up imposition layouts of graphics, PDF files, Adobe InDesign files and other image formats directly in your Adobe InDesign documents. Please have a look at the demo video for more details, and be sure to fill out the MPS Pro Suite Registration Form to request your FREE license!


Make it Variable!

For fully variable multi-up impositions, containing variable text, bar codes, and even image data, please have a look at our DesignMerge Pro software. DesignMerge Pro includes all of the features of the MPS Pro Suite plus a number of more advanced imposition features, including support for imposition templates. Check out the video below for a quick introduction, or visit the DesignMerge Pro page on this web site for all the details.

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