The Grabbers™

A unique new way to work with text content in QuarkXPress

The developers at Meadows Publishing Solutions have created a set of XTensions™ for QuarkXPress™ that will change the way you work with QuarkXPress forever.

We call them the Grabbers, and each one uses an incredibly simple marquee method for selecting text. Forget about drag-selecting the old-fashioned way – just click one of the Grabber tools and grab the text you wish to change.

To use a Grabber tool, select it from the QuarkXPress tool palette and drag a marquee around the page area you wish to modify. Release the mouse and the Grabber dialog box appears. Fill in the dialog, click OK, and like magic the Grabbers locate the text or tabs that have been selected in the marquee area and apply your changes.

We have Grabber XTensions for changing character attributes, adjusting tab settings, performing mathematical calculations, and enhancing the cut, copy and paste features to allow for complete columns of data to be moved all at once. Of course every Grabber tool provides built-in Undo/Redo support, so you can grab away with confidence!

The Grabbers are sold together as a bundle, so you get all of this power for a single price. Please contact Meadows for more information on the Grabber license pricing.