Meadows Productivity Suite

Meadows Productivity Suite Support

This web page provides all of the current downloads available for the MPS Pro Suite, including installers, documentation, tutorial files, and a demonstration video!


Software Requirements

The current version of the MPS Pro Suite works only with Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud. Both Macintosh and Windows systems are fully supported.


Order Codes (check your email)

In order to install and activate your copy of the MPS Pro Suite software, you will need a valid Order Code. If you previously registered for the software, you should have already received an Order Code via email (search for email subject line Meadows Productivity Suite Offer).


Register for FREE!

If you do not have an Order Code for the software, please visit the MPS Pro Suite Registration Page to request one. The MPS Pro Suite is completely free!


Documentation & Tutorial Files

The MPS Pro Suite includes a comprehensive set of documentation, as well as a set of example Tutorial Files. Please download these by clicking the links below.

MPS Pro Suite Training Video

Here is a quick training video to help you get started with the MPS Pro Suite.

Make it Variable!

For fully variable multi-up impositions, containing variable text, bar codes, and even image data, please have a look at our DesignMerge Pro software. DesignMerge Pro includes all of the features of the MPS Pro Suite plus a number of more advanced imposition features, including support for imposition templates. Check out the video below for a quick introduction, or visit the DesignMerge Pro page on this web site for all the details.

Request a Personalized Demo of DesignMerge Pro

If you are interested in seeing DesignMerge software presented live and in person, please click the button below to submit your request and we will contact you soon.