Canon Solutions America

Meadows has formed an alliance with the Canon Alliance Marketing Program. A workflow that includes DesignMerge® and a Canon device allows users to quickly and easily create variable data output in Canon digital color. DesignMerge and the PPML driver have been successfully tested for compatibility, and designated by Canon U.S.A. as “Canon Compatible”.



Since 2005, Fujifilm Graphic Solutions has selected DesignMerge as their Variable Data solution for all of their Digital Press offerings. Fujifilm offers a line of digital printing press models integrating digital color printing into your current workflow and enabling DesignMerge to print variable data on demand.



HP selected DesignMerge as a variable data solution for their 8500 series printers way back in 1998. Today, the DesignMerge PPML and PDF/VT drivers in conjunction with HP/Indigo digital presses is a powerful solution for producing full-color variable output.



DesignMerge software has been certified for use on all Kodak NexPress digital production color presses. The product provides a straightforward, single-step capability to use the unique Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Station inks as variable data directly within the Adobe InDesign application. This opens up the power of the special Fifth Imaging Station inks for some very creative uses of variable data. In addition, DesignMerge has been certified by Kodak as a replacement for the Darwin VDP software package, which is no longer being developed.


Konica Minolta

DesignMerge has been fully tested and approved for use on all Konica Minolta digital presses. In addition to color output, DesignMerge has also been very effective for use in B&W applications, such as bar coding and consecutive numbering. Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS and bizhub PRO equipment leads the industry in digital production print performance, with revolutionary color image quality, ultra-high-speed B&W output, pro-quality inline finishing options to meet any job specs, and purpose-built reliability to stay competitive and keep pace with rising client workloads.



DesignMerge was originally selected by Xeikon as the variable data solution for their CSP line of digital presses. Today, the DesignMerge PDF/VT and PPML output is compatible with the entire line of Xeikon digital presses.



Supporting the Creo VPS (Variable Print Specification) language, DesignMerge provides a choice of platform for a Creo VI workflow. In addition, DesignMerge has been certified by Kodak as a direct replacement for the Darwin VDP software package, which is no longer being developed.



An advocate of the PPML (Personalized Print Mark-up Language) workflow, EFI has given DesignMerge their “Official QA Approval”. DesignMerge also supports the FreeForm workflow through the Optimized PostScript driver; the fixed layer is cached, as it is in FreeForm, with only the variable layer processed for each record. In addition, the EFI DFE’s support PDF/VT and Creo VPS, also available as standard print drivers with DesignMerge Pro.



Meadows Publishing Solutions fully supports PODi (Print On Demand Initiative), a market education and development initiative sponsored by leading vendors in the digital printing market, and responsible for the ongoing development of the PPML specification.