Meadows Training Packages

Professional training delivered by product experts

Meadows offers a variety of training packages designed to get you up and running with our software products as quickly as possible. Each package offered by Meadows is described below. We can also arrange to do custom training sessions and refresher courses if it’s been a while since you worked with our software. Please contact us for more details, or to arrange a training session.


Video Training Package

For clients looking to get going as quickly as possible, and to develop a basic understanding of the capabilities of the DesignMerge software, this package is a great option. The Video Training package provides clients with access to a stockpile of video demonstrations and tools that will build confidence in their personal expertise with our products and unlock all of the potential advantages of the program. The videos cover in detail the major functional capabilities of the software and allow the client to learn the program at their own pace. Many of our clients start out with the Video Training package to learn all the basics, then move to a First Job Setup or an Ask an Expert training package to ask questions and gain more insight into the software features.


Video Training is FREE for the first 90 days with any license purchase or renewal. Please click the button to access the Video Training section right now! All you need to access the training is your software product Order Code.

 Video Training Access

Instructor-Guided Webinar Training Package

One-on-one training! With this training package a DesignMerge expert leads an online training session that covers common features while offering helpful insights and tips. The trainee actually drives the software while the instructor guides the process (the online meeting software provides this capability). A single trainee receives the focus of the training, thereby creating an in-house DesignMerge Pro or Catalog expert. The training is based on the tutorials that are included in the DesignMerge software package, with a maximum online instruction time of four hours.*


First Job Setup Package

Offered as an add-on to either our Webinar or Video Training packages, the VDP Job Setup package provides an added measure of confidence for the client’s first application of the DesignMerge software. Following initial training, the client provides Meadows Publishing Solutions with all of the elements for their first job, including the Adobe InDesign document, a cleaned and sorted data file, all associated fonts and images, and a detailed description of the desired results. Within a minimum of two business days of receiving the required files, Meadows will return the document, linked and ready for processing by DesignMerge software, along with all of the DesignMerge setup files. Once the files have been prepared, a DesignMerge expert will schedule a second online training session based upon this job. As with all of our training packages, the trainee “drives” the software with the instructor guiding the process. The scope of training is defined by the job, with a maximum online instruction time of two hours.*


Consultation Package

For clients who have previously received training, a DesignMerge expert leads an online training session that covers specific topics according to the client’s interests. This package is a great follow-up to the Video Training package as it allows the user to receive clarification and additional details on any DesignMerge feature.


** Note: For all training packages, actual “delivery” (time and content) may vary based on the knowledge level, capabilities, and interests of the trainee. Please note that Meadows Publishing Solutions is not responsible for any issues that arise during training related to the client’s data, network, output device, workstations, or software that is not provided by Meadows.


Benefits of Meadows Training

  • Why Choose a Meadows Training Package?
  • Our experts will shorten the learning curve for your experts

  • Creates an environment for learning that is separate from production

  • Formal instruction takes the guess-work out of production

  • Instructor provides insight from years of experience

  • Choose a package that fits your budget and needs

  • Take the stress out of your first VDP or Catalog setup with our First Job Setup package

  • Get started on your own with Video Training, then consult with an expert to fill in the gaps