Intelligent Mail Barcode

Fully Variable Intelligent Mail Barcodes with DesignMerge

DesignMerge Pro now includes built-in support for the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IM Barcode format). IM Barcode format replaces PostNet as the standard barcode format for sorted mailings, and is required by the USPS as of January 2013.


To use the IM Barcode feature, your database should contain a field with valid IM Barcode data. A description of the IM Barcode data format can be found on the government web site at ( More information is also available on Wikipedia. Most CASS certification software programs are capable of providing IM Barcode data in a separate database field.


Using IM Barcodes with DesignMerge

A special DesignMerge Variable Link has been defined for use with the IM Barcode data. Just assign the Variable Link in your InDesign or QuarkXPress document, and DesignMerge takes are of the rest.

The DesignMerge encoder will import and convert the data into the 65-character string that is required to render the barcode. You must assign an IM Barcode font to the merged data in order for the characters to scan properly. The fonts are available for free from the Rapid Information Bulletin Board (RIBBS) Web site.


Watch a Movie

Here’s a brief movie that demonstrates how to create variable USPS Intelligent Mail bar codes with DesignMerge Pro.

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Support for Intelligent Mail Barcodes is included in DesignMerge for Adobe InDesign CS3 and above, as well as DesignMerge for QuarkXPress 7.0 and above. If you have additional questions, please give us a call, or send an e-mail to our sales department.