Meadows Technical Support

Fast and free support from our experienced team of product experts

The Meadows technical support department is open and available from 8:30am until 4:30pm Central Time (Chicago). To receive technical support for any Meadows software product, please start by reviewing our Online Knowledgebase, which is a searchable support database that can provide immediate suggestions, downloadable examples, and step-by-step instructions for some of the most common features of our software. You can ask the Knowledgebase anything, such as How do I create a 2D bar code?,  or What are the best performance settings for PDF/VT output? , or even How do I create individual PDF files with unique names?  You may be surprised at just how detailed the system can be.

Tech Support Tickets

If you are unable to find your answer in our Knowledgebase, please open a support ticket using our online support system by clicking the icon below. Our expert technical support staff will review the ticket and contact you via the support ticket system to help resolve your issue. Our clients rave about the level of support they receive, so open a ticket and find out why!

Upload Requirements

For support tickets related to a particular job, please include the assets required to replicate your issue, including at a minimum the Adobe InDesign document and Data File that you are attempting to use. Please put all files into a single folder, then create a Zip Archive of the folder and attach the Zip file to the ticket. This is much easier than attaching each file separately. For DesignMerge Pro customers, it may be easier to use the VDP Packager feature, which will automatically gather up all of the elements required for your variable data job. If the upload is very large, please use our Uploads Page to send the files for review.

Product Support Plan

All Meadows support is provided according to the terms of our standard Product Support Plan. Please click here to visit the Product Support Plan page on our web site for more details.



Meadows offers a number of optional Training Packages that can help you get going very quickly with our software. We offer everything from self-serve Video Training, all the way up to our First Job Setup training, which provides customized training based on the requirements for a specific variable data job. Please click here to check out our Training Packages page for more details.